What is AyStack ?

AyStack is a friendly place where passionate people can aggregate, follow and search the best web content matching their interests.
AyStack is still in its infancy. Since our launch in February 2013 we are constantly pushing new features. To help us build the best platform, be an early adopter!

How is AyStack useful ?

There are great web sites, blogs, videos for any interest or topic you can think about. However discovering those has always been challenging. Search engines do a good job but focus on the most popular which is not always what we want. Very often we discover a great site because it was recommended by a friend who shares the same interest.

At AyStack we are building a content aggregation platform where people who share an interest can collaborate to reveal the best content on the web. You could think of AyStack as a collaborative news aggregator, vertical search engine, or directory. It is actually all this and much more.

How do I get involved in the AyStack community ?

Aystack is all about gathering passionate people around an interest.

The best way to get started is to create an interest. Very soon you will be able to follow interests, and collaborate.

How do I create an Interest ?

An interest is an aggregation of various contents from the web that match a given topic or interest. When creating an interest, you need to provide a feed so our platform can discover content on the web. Currently supported feeds are RSS feed, Youtube user and playlist, Tumblr blog, and Facebook public user and page. We plan to support more feeds in the future.

I am an early adopter. How can I help ?

We need your feedback and are always happy to hear from you.Let us know how you are using AyStack, what you like, what you would like to see improved. Or just say hello!

What is the Road Map ?

AyStack is growing everyday. We are currently working on the following features.

Following interests : Follow interests you like. That way you build a personalized home page with content that matters to you.
AyStack Bookmarklet : You find it tedious to build an interest ? We are going to make it easier with the AyStack Bookmarklet. Just browse the internet and click the bookmarklet to add a new feed to your interest.
Collaborating on an interest: This is what AyStack is about. Gather passionate people around an interest. We will provide the tools to let people build and enhance together an interest.